2018 Viola Horse and Colt Show

The 88th Annual Show!

Stand With Your Class

Each year, the Viola Horse and Colt Show holds "mini-reunions" for 100 years of graduating classes from Viola, West Lima, Readstown, La Farge, Kickapoo and all other area schools during the parade.  The parade route is marked with signs that denote the years that will gather in that area. It's a great way to meet classmates and others that graduated in the same time frame as you did. Come and join us! You never know who you might find!

For a detailed map of the sign placements and some instructions on finding the right location, click here.

Additionally, in keeping with the "reunion" nature of getting together with classmates, there is an informal "Viola School Alumni Dinner" held each year on the Friday night of the show. The details are:
    Where: The White House Inn (Ramada/Country Kitchen)
                Richland Center, Wisconsin
    When:  5 PM Cocktail hour
                RSVP by the Wednesday before the show.
    RSVP to:   Janet Anderson Morse   847-741-6275

A composite of the the signs that you will see along the parade route. Shown with the signs, from the left, are Andy Kellogg (Class of 79), Ronda Fortun(58), Bob Levy(75), Millie Wilder(71), Mike Rynes(69), Judy Anderson(?), Dorsey Ames(71), Scott Walter(86), Daren Matthes(84)

Ann Wood                                      Lacy Vinger

Rosie Koch                                       Bud Joholski

Evan Bucklin - Class of 2023

 Matthew Hatfield, Cole Clements, Tyler Zitzner - 2009

Dave Levy - '73

Rex (1944) and Keith (1947) Smith

Greg Kiefer  - Class of 1980

Bruce Mullendore - Class of 52

Donna (Nicholson) and Jan Morse - 1957

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