2018 Viola Horse and Colt Show

The 88th Annual Show!

2008 Raffle Drawing

The 2008 Horse & Colt Show once again offered some great raffle drawing prizes.

This year's raffle prize list is:

Grand Prize

2008 Chevrolet Colorado 2x4 Pickup (without the cargo!) from Jones Chevrolet of Richland Center.

2nd Prize

New 2007 Honda Recon 4-wheeler from Vetesnik Power Sports of Richland Center (see in the bed of the truck)

3rd Prize: $500.00
4th Prize: $250.00
5th Prize: $100.00
6th Prize: $50.00
Plus...5 drawings for $20 will also be made.

And the winners for 2008 are....

Grand Prize (Truck)  - Bruce Dittner, LaFarge, WI
2nd (ATV)                 - Mike Schwarz, Appleton WI
$500                        - Charles Larson,  Elgin IA
$250                        - Jack Stayton, LaHabra CA.
$100                        - Doug Hill, Richland Center WI
$50                          - Nolan Fortney,  Viroqua WI
$20                          - Lynn Dobbs, Richland Center WI
$20                          - Beverly Wallace, Hillsboro WI
$20                          - Lynda Donath, Clayton WI
$20                          - Rockton Bar, LaFarge WI
$20                          - Barb Bauer, Richland Center Wi

Door Prize Winners for 2008

Otis Williams, LaFarge WI
Kent Kanable, Viola WI
Walter Kellicut, Westby, WI
Brandon Alexander, Hillsboro WI
Larry Jewell, Boaz WI
J. Morse, Elgin IL
Chris Osloff, Desoto WI
Wade Gilman, Hillsboro WI

Raffle operated under Wis. Lic #R0018117A-02027. Winner assumes all applicable license fees as well as all applicable state and federal taxes. For more information, send inquiry to Viola Horse & Colt Show, P.O.Box 203, Viola, WI 54664