2019 Viola Horse and Colt Show

The 89th Annual Show!

2011 Raffle Drawing Winners

Each year the show conducts a raffle drawing. The prizes for 2011 have been selected and are shown below. The raffle drawing is held at 10pm Saturday evening. You do not have to be present to win!!

This year's raffle prize list is:

Grand Prize - $5,000

2nd Prize - $2,500

3rd Prize - $1,000

4th and 5th Prizes: $500.00  (meat bundle or cash)
Plus...5 drawings for $100
and...5 drawings for $50
and...5 drawings for $20

And the 2011 raffle drawing winners are:

$5,000--Daniel Blaha of Hillsboro,WI

 $2,500--Heidi Larson of Richland Center, WI

 $1,000--Patricia Meseberg of Hillsboro, WI

(2) $500 or meat bundle
    Ryan Nelson of LaFarge
    Danny Deckert of Readstown

(5) $100
    Robert Lorlock of McGrath MN
    Daniel Check of Norwalk
    LaVerne Gulsrud of Richland Center
    #1998 from S & S Cycle
    Mark Riley of Beloit,WI

 (5) $50
    Ervin Duell of Richland Center
    Mark Nicks of Minneapolis,MN
    John Hogan of LaFarge
    Kenny Schmitz of Norwalk
    Tom Goss of Winneconne, WI

 (5) $20)
    Bill Bender of Viola
    Kevin Townsend of Readstown
    Casey Benda of Readstown
    Mary Alexander of Readstown
    Jim Smith of Milwaukee

Raffle operated under Wis. Lic #R0018117A-12021. Winner assumes all applicable state and federal taxes. For more information, send inquiry to Viola Horse & Colt Show, P.O.Box 203, Viola, WI 54664